Dive Staff

Maud Tarico

Hailing from France, Maud Tarico has been diving since the age of 23, entranced by the underwater world’s silence, three-dimensional quality, and marine life — especially its hammerhead and tiger sharks.

Aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin, she is dedicated to making our guests happy while also sharing her passion for diving and helping them discover marine life and care about the delicate environment in which our ship sails. Aboard ship, she appreciates the opportunity to dive in different spots, depending on the itinerary. “French Polynesia offers the best dives, with clear water and different species of sharks,” she says.

When not at sea, Maud enjoys traveling, athletics, and reading.

Sail on select voyages with Sport Coordinator Maud Tarico on board The Gauguin.

Clement Casadei

With eight years on staff aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin under his belt, Clement Casadei feels right at home in French Polynesia. He loves being at sea — both above and below the waves — visiting dream destinations and getting to know The Gauguin’s guests and crew. “Everyone dreams of visiting French Polynesia, so being paid to be there is such a privilege,” he says.

Clement experienced his first dive when he was just 11 years old. He had been spending a lot of time snorkeling and freediving, but it was frustrating to him not to be able to stay underwater longer. SCUBA diving allowed him to get closer to marine life and to, as he puts it, “enjoy this complete new world.” That includes viewing everything from pygmy seahorses and mandarinfish to whale sharks and even the great white shark!

He appreciates that his job allows him to share the wonders of the deep with guests of The Gauguin, and he never forgets that his first responsibility is to make sure his dive students have fun — always in total safety.

When he’s not at sea, Clement calls Le Havre, in Normandy, France, home. His hobbies include underwater photography, world travel, and cooking.

Sail on select voyages with Marina Supervisor Clement Casadei on board The Gauguin.