Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji


Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji

Suva is perched on a hilly peninsula between two harbors and boasts a fascinating mix of modern and colonial architectural, as well as an easygoing yet sophisticated ambiance. As the largest urban area in the South Pacific outside of Australia and New Zealand, Suva is a great place to experience Fijian culture, with visits to the Fiji Museum, the Municipal Market, or the Handicraft Center, where weavers practice their traditional art.

Colo-i-Suva Trek & Waterfall
  • Urata Village waterfall inSavusavu, Fiji.
3 Hours - $90

Located 20 minutes from the city, Colo-i-Suva is a national park that boasts a crystal-clear river set in serene and peaceful surroundings amidst a spectacular rainforest making this a perfect spot for a moderate trek followed by a cool dip in the waterfall. The weather is much cooler than Suva City with temperatures falling to as low as ten degrees at altitudes of 120- 180 meters accompanied by frequent rainfalls. The air is clean and crisp with only the calls of local birdlife penetrating the atmosphere.

Please note: Wear comfortable flat-soled shoes, clothing suited to the weather conditions, a hat, sunscreen and bottled water. At the end of the tour, optional shopping is available in Suva town before returning to the pier.

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Fiji's Culture & Heritage Tour
  • Agricultural tour of Moorea.
4 Hours - $109

Visit Fiji's capital city, Suva - center of commerce and the seat of government. This guided drive tour will take you to see various iconic sites such as the President's Residence and nearby Albert Park (where Kingsford Smith landed his small aircraft on his epic flight from the United States to Australia in 1928) as well as Thurston Botanical Gardens. During the tour you will also see The Borron House (home of Fiji's greatest statesman Ratu Sukuna and for use only by foreign dignitaries). You will also have the opportunity to visit the Fiji Museum. Bilo Battery Historical Site and World War II Heritage Site is also included in the tour on the 19 September only. During World War II, the guns at Bilopeninsula lent a degree of comfort to the people in a time of uncertainty and fears of news of the Japanese invasion flashed across the Pacific. The guns once pointed out from the side of Bilopeninsula like twin fingers of death, down to the Bay of islands in Lamiand across Suva harbour to the capital. They were placed there to guard the passage in the reef leading to Suva harbor.

Please note: Tour involves moderate walking. Recommended dress code is shorts/skirts and a Polo or T-shirts, something cool. Bring along your camera for photos and some change for a stop at the Fiji Museum handicraft shop. There is one restroom stop during the tour.

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Molituva Village Tour
  • Tour of the Molituva village fort.
4 Hours - $129

Molituva is an old village fort that was the dwelling place of one of Fiji’s most fiercest and feared warriors. Touring the ruins of this great fort one could envisage the lives of these greater fighters. The dug out moats still visible and to walk the maze of tracks build by the warriors is indeed an experience that is not easily forgotten.

The Molituva tour takes you back in time and you can feel the eerie feeling as if you were there in those primitive days when witnessing the strewn old pottery, stone axes and traded steel axes dated back to the 13th Century. On arrival, you will be met and greeted with a serenade, then you will be informed on the village protocol that needs to be observed. Fully dressed warriors and traditionally dressed women escort you to the Village hall, where you can observe the different activities performed such as husking and scraping coconuts, weaving baskets and mats…Observe a traditional sevusevu ceremony as well as the traditional meke and re-enactment of tribal wars by warriors as they invade the village arena. Farewell songs will escort you back to your coaches.

On your way back to the pier, enjoy a panoramic drive through town, passing by the President’s Residence, Mormon Temple and various official residences of foreign consulates.This excursion only operates on 19 September 2019.

Wear cool clothing, such as shorts/skirt and a polo or T-shirt. Bring your camera and some change for souvenirs.

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Snorkeling in Beqa Lagoon (Ultimate Experience)
  • Snorkel tour of Beqa Lagoon in Suva, Fiji.
4 Hours - $120

Beqa Lagoon tour is an exhilarating high-speed adventure and coral reef tour that will take in the magnificent reefs that surround Beqa Lagoon and its islands.

You could see many varieties of marine life and fish species from reef, bull and tiger sharks, stingrays, barracudas, groupers, wrasses, parrot fish, giant trevally, moray eels and turtles that inhabit the reef areas. You will be amazed at the vivid and contrasting colour combinations of the smaller reef fish and the stunning beauty that our coral reefs and Beqa Lagoon has to offer.

Please note: Bring your snorkel gear and towel from the ship. Wear your swimsuit underneath your clothes. The boat ride to may be bumpy and rough depending on the sea conditions. Waivers will be required from each guest.

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Uprising Beach Resort
  • Uprising Beach resort
6 Hours - $120

Head to Uprising Beach Resort, for a day of relaxation and fun. Enjoy a buffet lunch set right on the beach, featuring international flavors and Fijian favorites. There are two full service bars, and one right at the water's edge. For those looking for a bit of activity, the resort provides optional snorkeling safaris in Beqa Lagoon, Jet Ski rentals, tube rides, a fresh-water swimming pool, and the perfect sand beach, suitable for swimming at both low and hides tides. Free fun activities include beach volleyball, handicraft making, touch rugby and beach soccer.

Please note: Wear comfortable flat-soled shoes, clothing suited to the weather conditions, a hat, sunscreen and bottled water. At the end of the tour, optional shopping is available in Suva town before returning to the pier. The drive takes approximately. one hour, one way.

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5 Hours - $145

Depart from Suva port for a 20-minute drive to Pacific Harbour and arrive at the zipline. In the heart of the tropical rainforest, just minutes from Pacific Harbour, Fiji's 'Adventure Capital', lies ZIP FIJI's private eco-reserve - a biological paradise. The guides help you use special equipment and techniques to experience this amazing wilderness from a unique perspective. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you WHOOSH over eight zip lines high above the forest floor and the Wainadoi River valley. Enjoy a classic 'canopy tour' with stunning views and thrilling rides while you experience the area's distinctive flora and fauna and local culture accompanied by English-speaking native guides.

Please note: Wear comfortable clothing you don't mind getting a little dirty or wet and that will not interfere with the adjustment of the harness or helmet. Closed-toe sport shoes provide the best protection for your feet, however strap-on sandals are acceptable. Bring your camera, bottled water and insect repellent with you to the tour site. As it rains periodically throughout the day, you may want to bring a lightweight poncho or jacket or a change of clothing. Please bring a hair tie if you have long hair. Participants must be reasonably fit, weigh less than 135 kg (300 pounds), be at least 5 years of age and have a torso length of at least 45cm (18 inches). Children under legal age (18) must be accompanied by an adult. The tour is not recommended for persons with asthma, balance problems, epilepsy, heart problems, some disabilities, back, neck or shoulder problems or those who are pregnant.

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